Close Encounter

We had very hard winds the other night. Margo looks out the bathroom window and says “Your chair by the fish pond blew over”. When I looked out the window I saw something completely different. I saw that a HUGE pine tree had broken and fallen over. The good news is that it fell away […] Read More


Overwintering the Banana Tree

Overwintering Banana Tree

Back in 2012 I had bananas on 2 of my banana trees. It was a mild winter and the overhanging branches from the tree line probably protected them from the frost. I have been doing some research, but it is hard to find. I did find a few people who tried to overwinter them, but […] Read More


Eagles on Chipmans Pond

My neighbor calls me, and I her, whenever something spectacular is happening on the pond. Well, she called me two days in a row and I am GLAD she did. We talked later and we both said that we have never seen this many eagles at one time since we have been here. I moved […] Read More


Surviving Fish From the Eggs

Baby Koi

Of course I was excited to see baby fish after the eggs disappeared. And I saw at least 6 at one time. But since the pond project is complete I have only seen 3 at one time. That would actually be good, but I had my heart set on 6! But some could still be […] Read More


Fish Pond Nearing Completion

Seems like a lot of time, sweat and tiredness (if that is a word?) have gone by since starting this project. But I have to say that in the end it will all be worth it! I find myself sitting out there every morning and every evening. Staring, planning, and enjoying. Here are a couple […] Read More


Enlarging the Fish Pond

We have had this fish pond for about 11 years. I met a fellow who breeds koi and he sold me some butterfly koi. They are absolutely beautiful. So I get the idea that I need to enlarge my pond to accommodate more fish! I find that he has a domain name, but no website….. […] Read More


Pool Floats Storage

We normally get a couple of SwimWays spring floats for under $20 and they last for a year or 2. We just leave them lying on the pool deck out of the way. We decided to get a couple of nice ones, since we really like floating around in the pool when it is just […] Read More


WaveDaze in Virginia Beach

We were in Virginia Beach for vacation when we noticed some activity on the boardwalk just a few blocks down from were we were staying. It did not take long to figure out that this was going to be a HUGE event. The next day we started seeing jet skis everywhere. We watched from the […] Read More


Royal Caribbean Eastern Caribbean Cruise on The Quantum of the Seas

This was our fifth cruise on Royal Caribbean and the biggest ship that we have ever been on. This was also the first time that we did not have to take a plane flight to start. We left out of Cape Liberty New Jersey. That in itself was a real treat. It saved us from […] Read More


Tamron 150-600mm on the Nikon D5000

I have been wanting a longer telephoto lens for as long as I can remember. I finally decided to get one. So after a LOT of research I found one that was budget friendly as well as in a quality range that I could live with. The Tamaron AFA011N700 SP 150-600mm. And of course as […] Read More