Hershey Vacation

Margos Fav

This year for our fall vacation we went to Hershey, PA. We stayed at the only timeshare which is The Suites at Hershey. It is hard to get into, so some planning is required. The accommodations were perfect as always. And the staff is very friendly! We did encounter some parking confusion at the end […] Read More


The New Pool Liner

After 14 years we finally had to get a new liner. The old one was leaking and faded. We sure got our moneys worth out of it! We are hoping to get more years from the new one since technology has improved!           […] Read More


Virginia Beach

The Colony, Virginia Beach

I am pretty sure that Virginia Beach is my favorite vacation spot! It never gets old. We always get oceanfront units and the views are always awesome! Since we have been there so many times, we could spend more time relaxing, versus exploring. Of course we will always explore a little bit. Things are always […] Read More


When the Tree Falls…..

The good, the bad, and the ugly! The good: We had some trees that needed to come down. Not an emergency, but something that has been put on the back burner. The guy that I found was reasonable, and smart. He looked around as we walked the property and talked about all of the trees. […] Read More


Blue Ridge Vacation

Blue Ridge Sunset

Another great vacation in the Blue Ridge Mountains. I love it more every time we go. Note to self: never, ever travel on the Sunday after Thanksgiving. OMG, this was the worst traffic that we have ever been in. A 4 1/2 hour trip took 7 hours! We were exhausted by the time we finally […] Read More


Results of Overwintering Banana Tree

Overwintering Banana Results

So 6 days ago I was battening down the hatches for a storm. As I was coming around the pool deck I noticed a familiar sight. The beginnings of a bunch of bananas! I pretty much knew that this was going to happen after the tree started from about 4 feet tall. But it was […] Read More


Results of Overwintering the Banana Tree

So it has been a couple of months since I unwrapped the banana tree. There were a couple of threats of frost, so I put a 5 gallon bucket over it for protection. I may have left the bucket on too long. It was smashing the top of the banana tree. This made the first […] Read More


Myrtle Beach Vacation

Myrtle Beach

After the wind disaster we were definitely ready for a vacation. And while we got off to a late start, it was soon forgotten when we arrived. We stayed at the Regency Towers for the first time. It was centrally located at 2511 S Ocean Blvd. Very close to Broadway at the Beach, which we like. […] Read More


Windy Disaster

Storm Remnants

Yesterday we had some REALLY strong winds, rain, and hail. This was not good as we were to leave for Myrtle Beach this morning. I knew that the gazebo was destroyed, but had no idea that we lost a whole tree.       But, there is some good news. The tree was half dead […] Read More


Unwrapping the Banana Tree

Overwintering Banana Tree

I unwrapped the banana tree. It is still stiff, which I think is a good sign. I pulled back some of the top and it was very wet inside. Not sure how it will do, but I am thinking that maybe it needed some air. For this winter I may make a wire cage or […] Read More