Now I like all of the seasons. But just as everyone else, I have some that I like better than others. I am thinking that winter is right at the bottom of the list of my personal favorites.

But something that we usually don’t think about is the wildlife and plants. I am guessing that they have the same thoughts as me.

Here is one of our resident eagles, Earl, sitting in his favorite tree. On this particular day Earl is sad because there is ice all over his favorite fishing spot. I wonder what he will eat for breakfast?

Earl the Eagle

Here is what he is looking at:

Ice on the Pond

No Fishing for Earl the Eagle

And then there are the fish. It is the oddest thing. They go into a state of hibernation. They just sort of lay around next to each other in the deepest part of the pond. But then if we have a nice warm winter day, they will come up and swim all around!

If you look close you will see the netting that I cover the pond with. It keeps out the leaves and any predators that might be looking for a free easy meal! Sorry Earl……

My Fish, Sorry Earl!

I love all of the plants in my backyard. But there isn’t really much to look at in the winter. Here is a shot of one of my banana trees. In the summer they are green and HUGE!


Sorry, no bananas today!

But at the end of the day I am still an optimistic sort of fellow. So I can find good in just about everything. My favorite things about winter?

a: no weeds to pull.
b: I have more time to work in my shop on wood working projects.
c: I can spend more time at the gun club without thinking about all of the landscaping chores waiting for me at home.

And as Mr Rogers used to say:

“It’s a good day in the neighborhood”.