Yesterday we had some REALLY strong winds, rain, and hail. This was not good as we were to leave for Myrtle Beach this morning. I knew that the gazebo was destroyed, but had no idea that we lost a whole tree.








But, there is some good news. The tree was half dead and I was going to have to take it down anyway. It fell in a perfect place, causing no other damage, and most of the roots came out with it. So I only have to saw it up and haul it to the dump.

The gazebo was over 10 years old and has served us well. I was thinking that this would be the last year for it anyway, but I was hoping that it would make it through this year!

So instead of leaving early for Myrtle Beach, I had some major cleanup to do. It could have been much worse and I am thankful that there was not more damage!