Bobby “Flay” Willoughby and his trusty Thermador BBQ grill have been around for many years. Over 15 as a team, if memory serves me correctly. Now you know I love this grill, but always thought that it could use some improvements. The grates were getting a little rough so I started looking around. Original equipment grates were not an option. I was actually thinking about getting a new grill. But then I found GrillGrates. They would solve so many problems. The reviews were fantastic! And they have a 30 day guarantee even if they are used.

My grill was about 20 inches deep so I ordered 4 20 inch panels. I picked out the best old piece and left it in the middle to give myself 2 separate zones. I added a couple of scraps of metal strips on the ends to make them fit perfectly.

GrillGrate Makeover

The instructions said to coat with Pam for the first couple of uses, and I did. WOW! They work as advertised. No flareups, no burning, used a lower temperature setting and the results were phenomenal!

I have cooked hamburgers that were as juicy as they come. Steaks that you would find in a steak house restaurant. And chicken that was out of this world!

Now all I want to do is cook on my new grill! LOL

Here are a couple of rib eyes:

GrillGrates Ribeyes

And here are a couple of chicken breasts. I also threw some wood chips right on the grates to give a little smoke flavor.

GrillGrates Chicken

So the bottom line is that they do the following exactly as advertised:

A. Amplify the heat. I ran my grill at medium, and I used to run it on high.

B. Blocks flareups. I normally would not cook chicken on the grates because of flareups burning it.

C. Evens out the temperature. All places on the grill are usable and the same temperature.

D. Conducts heat. The whole grate gets hot and transfers the heat where you need it.

E. Retains juices in the valleys for better moisture and flavor.

F. Sears. Get professional sear marks every time!

They also come with an awesome tool that fits down in the valleys so you can slide under the food and lift without pushing the food. And it doubles as a cleaning tool to scrape the valleys. I bought a pair of tongs as well that are shaped the same.

GrillGrate Tool

I highly recommend that anyone who likes to grill gets a set. You can custom fit them as I did or you can get a couple of grates and just set them right on top of your existing grates. I guarantee that they will make you the “King of the Grill!”

Here is a link to check out the GrillGrates: