I have been wanting a longer telephoto lens for as long as I can remember. I finally decided to get one. So after a LOT of research I found one that was budget friendly as well as in a quality range that I could live with. The Tamaron AFA011N700 SP 150-600mm. And of course as with everything I want, it was impossible to get. I ordered one on Amazon that was right at retail and waited patiently. I was very excited when it finally shipped. And it was well worth the wait!



Of course this crappy picture was taken with my wife’s eBay camera! LOL

So on October 27 my granddaughter had a field hockey game in Selbyville. A perfect opportunity to put the new lens to the test! And it was the perfect day. Here are a couple of shots:



FieldHockeySelbyville10-27-14 034


FieldHockeySelbyville10-27-14 103


The lens was used at 150mm. Hard to believe how great they turned out. I have never taken this many photos at a sporting event, but I couldn’t stop! And I couldn’t believe how great they turned out. Here is a link to an album on Facebook where you can see the rest: Dover at Selbyville.

The real reason that I wanted this lens was for the wildlife photos. Now that she has shown me what she can do, I can’t wait to get some nature shots! And I didn’t have to wait too long. I looked out my window a few days later and saw a flock of eagles playing! Here are a few shots:


Pair of eagles on Chipmans Pond in Laurel, DE


Juvenile eagle in flight.


Here is a link to the rest of the session: Eagles in Laurel, DE.

Another morning I looked outside and saw my Heron. Now we have a love/hate relationship, because he thinks that my fishpond is his private buffet. But this day I want him to stay for a photo session and he did!

Great Blue Heron


This could possibly be my favorite photo so far! Here is a link to some others: The Breakfast Club on Chipmans Pond.


Here are some Canadians from out of town:


Out of town visitors


The bottom line is that I love this new lens! Best photography investment ever. I can hardly wait for it to warm up a little so I can spend some time on the pond! I highly recommend this lens if you are looking for a telephoto! Here is a link with more information:

Tamron AFA011N700 SP 150-600mm F/5-6.3 Di VC USD Zoom Lens for Nikon(Full-Frame) Cameras