No two snowflakes are alike.

Of course that same statement could apply to people, properties, photos, and many other things.

Now I like my property and it is as individual as I am. Just a little different than normal! LOL

Anyway, I always love spring, especially this one (maybe because of that hard winter), and I like to grab a coffee every once in a while and just walk around in my own little world. I like to get close and look at things that you normally don’t see. Study the beauty in things close up. And this time I brought along the Nikon so that I could share some of my world with you!

This is Prince Fred. He lives in the pond and has been around for a while. He actually lets me pet him. I told some people that at a party here one time and they didn’t believe me until they saw it with their own eyes. He likes to watch me work in the pond, but never offers to help?

Prince Fred

Here are some Sweet Williams. I have them in many places around the property and they are just about maintenance free and beautiful. And there are many colors!

And this is an Iris. I love them. I just wished that this variety bloomed longer. These came from the shoreline of our property. They may be wild, but I am not sure. I have divided them many times and have them all over.


Now this is Queen Annes Lace. Some people consider this a weed. You can find them around growing wild. They are very beautiful and spread like wild fire.

Queen Annes Lace

This flower is called Fox Glove. You have to wonder who named some of these plants! It hangs down like bells mostly. This is a rare view of the inside.

Here is Spirea. They don’t look like much in the winter, but they make up for it in the spring.


This is an early look at a flower on the Hydrangea. I normally don’t have much luck with them, but this year I have flowers already. They will turn a beautiful shade of blue when they are mature.


Not really sure what this flower is called. I have my own unique style in that I have what I like and I do what I want with it! So I can’t always name them, but I like them and try to divide them usually. I have these in one spot and they multiply like rabbits.

I am not really sure what these are called either. They are very fragrant and the bees love them. They are elevated and whenever I ride by them on the lawnmower I grab a little to smell!

We have a unique little area in the front of our house surrounded by rocks. We call it “The Rock Garden”! Now how original is that? Anyway we always throw a little of this and that in there, just to see what will come up. There is ALWAYS something of interest in there. So here is a little something that I don’t even know what it is, but I like the way that it looks!

I think that just about does it for today! I really feel for you if you have dial-up, because this is a load of bandwidth!

Enjoy the day!