Living on the Eastern Shore is fantastic! And there is nothing quite like Maryland Blue Crabs and Corona!

Since I was born and raised on the Eastern Shore I would hate to think about just how many crabs I have eaten! LOL.  As a matter of fact I think that I learned to clean crabs before I could walk!

Tonight was Friday night. And sometimes on Friday night (not sure why) I like to run down to Bayside Seafood and get 6 Jumbos and 6 Coronas and settle in for a real treat!

Now summer is coming fast and my favorite brother-in-law will be starting to run his trot line. Then we will go over there and clean them before we steam them. If you have never had them like that you are missing out. No mess on your hands or the paper in front of you. They have much more flavor from the Old Bay and no water to leak out. Oh, and that pile of junk in front of you will be very small. It really is hard to eat them the regular way after you have had them like that!

Margo and I will be going over there most weekends to eat crabs and drink beer! And there will be FRESH sweet corn and some other treats that people bring. I really look forward to it.  But in the mean time I can enjoy these from right here in Laurel.

Small things mean a lot on the Eastern Shore. I think that is why I like living here so much!

Crabs and Corona


Both Photos taken with the Nikon D5000.

1/60 @ F5

ISO 800

35 mm lens

I am loving this digital camera. The ISO can change by the picture and requires no thought! I can remember that film camera. The Nikon 8008s. If you changed the ISO, it stayed that way for the whole roll and you had to remember to tell the processor! Nightmare waiting to happen!