When the Tree Falls…..


The good, the bad, and the ugly! The good: We had some trees that needed to come down. Not an emergency, but something that has been put on the back burner. The guy that I found was reasonable, and smart. He looked around as we walked the property and talked about all of the trees. […] Read More

Windy Disaster


Yesterday we had some REALLY strong winds, rain, and hail. This was not good as we were to leave for Myrtle Beach this morning. I knew that the gazebo was destroyed, but had no idea that we lost a whole tree.       But, there is some good news. The tree was half dead […] Read More

Storm Remnants

Close Encounter


We had very hard winds the other night. Margo looks out the bathroom window and says “Your chair by the fish pond blew over”. When I looked out the window I saw something completely different. I saw that a HUGE pine tree had broken and fallen over. The good news is that it fell away […] Read More

Megee Motors Georgetown Delaware, New Car


We bought a new car! Not an everyday experience for us. And certainly not an easy one. I do a lot of research and test driving before making the big decision. And we never end up with what Margo thinks she wants! She thought that she would get a Buick Lacrosse as the Buick Enclave […] Read More

Unlucky Lobsters


Well, it was a bad day for Larry and Louise. I have been craving them, and last night I was satisfied! Many thanks to Charles and Mary at Bayside Seafood! Larry was almost 3 pounds and Louise was just shy of 2 and a half. Lots of meat! I had already decided that I would […] Read More

Christmas Cheer


What could be better after a nice dinner than a shot of Amaretto and a cup of coffee? Why a shot of homemade Amaretto and a cup of coffee! Margo got me started on making homemade Amaretto. When I met her she used to make Kahlua. Nothing fancy, but good. Now I wasn’t much of […] Read More


The Passing of a Great Friend


Yesterday I lost one of the best friends that I have ever had. She was one of a kind. She always wanted to be with me wherever I went. I can remember how excited she got when she saw me getting my duck hunting gear together because she knew that the next morning we would […] Read More