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Summer Walkaround Part 2: The Pool


I got so close on that last walkaround that I missed the pool! Now I was never a pool person. We always had boats. The problem with boats is that everything has to be a certain way to go out and on that day when everything was perfect, you usually had something else to do! […] Read More

Spring Walk Around!


No two snowflakes are alike. Of course that same statement could apply to people, properties, photos, and many other things. Now I like my property and it is as individual as I am. Just a little different than normal! LOL Anyway, I always love spring, especially this one (maybe because of that hard winter), and […] Read More


Maryland Blue Crab, An Eastern Shore Tradition!


Living on the Eastern Shore is fantastic! And there is nothing quite like Maryland Blue Crabs and Corona! Since I was born and raised on the Eastern Shore I would hate to think about just how many crabs I have eaten! LOL.  As a matter of fact I think that I learned to clean crabs […] Read More

The Sophmiester


OK, Sophie was supposed to be my wife’s dog. Somehow it didn’t work out like that. She follows me everywhere I go. Sits right next to me in my office. I had to put a stool next to my chair so she could be close to me. This is one of the first pics taken […] Read More

Virginia Beach


We love Virginia Beach. It is without a doubt the cleanest beach that we have ever visited! The layout is something to see. Ocean, sand, boardwalk, grass and/or landscaping, bike road, and then more grass and/or landscaping. And it has some beautiful curves in it as well. This photo is from our balcony in the […] Read More