The winter of 2011/2012 was very mild. Normally my banana trees fall over during the winter, and they start fresh.

But this year when I was doing my spring cleanup, 2 of the trees were stiff and had a little green inside. These 2 particular trees were at the edge of the garden and they had protection overhead from the branches of the woods trees. I decided to leave them be and see what would happen. Then one evening my wife made a comment about thinking that she was seeing bananas. I would have never believed it but sure enough upon closer inspection, she was right! After all these years we finally had bananas!




This next photo is the original banana tree. It is probably about 5 years old. All of the other banana trees were started from the offspring of this tree. Plus I have given away MANY trees!


Now just to be clear, these are ornamental bananas and we did not try to eat any! LOL

It was still pretty exciting and I may try to wrap some if I see a mild winter coming.