We have had this fish pond for 6 years. The fish are HUGE! And they multiply like rabbits. I can still remember someone telling me that I would never see “baby fish” because the bigger ones would eat them. NOT!!!! I have to “thin the herd” at least yearly! (No we do not eat them! We give them away or sell them to the local pet shop)

I heard a lot of uninformed advice as I was building this pond. Such as “you can’t have fish and plants in the same pond” and “you can’t have Goldfish and Koi in the same pond”. Well guess what? It’s all good. The fish don’t care, the plants don’t care, and I don’t care.

And I can’t be quite sure of this, but I truly believe that I have some GoldKoi fish? Maybe the Goldfish and the Koi have been mixing it up a little? Not sure, but it sure does look like it!

Anyway this pond has been good for many, many hours of relaxation.

This was one of the first movies shot with the Nikon D5000. Sweet!!!!!!

Here is a full view of the pond. What a huge project. I started with an idea of a small pond with a waterfall just for the noise. Then a friend said how about a dogbone shape with a bridge that you would cross if you entered from the side yard. Wow. Then I remembered a pond that I had seen in Myrtle Beach that had 2 levels. So a pond was born! Then a fellow was over here doing some work and he said that it was a nice pond, but it had no bog. So that was added. Enough is enough! LOL. The pond is complete.

It looks different of course at different times of the year. But it runs 24 hours a day every day.

The Pond

I love the sights and sounds that go along with the pond. The plants, fish, frogs, and dragon flies. I can’t really say that I am as excited about the snakes, but they are a part of it as well.

Doug the Dragon Fly

We have seen all kinds of snakes but this is the first snake like this that we have seen. Anybody know what kind it is? He is about 2 feet long.