I bought a canoe and it came with 2 broken paddles. So I headed down to Cabela’s and bought 2 new indestructible paddles. I really couldn’t throw the old ones away, so I decided to repair them and make a coat rack for the hall from my garage. Well when I repaired them, they came out WAY better than expected. I really could not see myself destroying them, so I decided to keep them and use them as canoe paddles.

But now I am still excited about the coat rack, so I decide that I can make a canoe paddle to use as a coat rack. My wife says “why not just buy a used one”. So I stopped at an antique shop and found one for around 20 dollars. Not much work, and I was ready for hooks!

Walmart had the perfect hooks and they were cheap. I am ready to get this project going!

I found 2 studs and measured the width on the paddle. I would hide the wall screws with 2 of the hooks. I drilled the holes for the wall screws and put the remaining 4 hooks on the paddle. After screwing it to the wall I put the other 2 hooks over top of the wall screws. Complete and I am satisfied!