Back in 2012 I had bananas on 2 of my banana trees. It was a mild winter and the overhanging branches from the tree line probably protected them from the frost.

I have been doing some research, but it is hard to find. I did find a few people who tried to overwinter them, but really couldn’t find much in the results department. I thought that I would give it a try. I used stuff that I already had laying around so I am only out a little time.

I let the frost hit it a couple of times. I then cut off the top. I wrapped a thick piece of foam around it. I covered all with heavy plastic. Then put some scraps of other plants around the bottom to insulate the ground at the base.

The tree is very stiff. They normally get soft and fall over. I am thinking that this is a good sign and that it may have survived. Can’t wait to unwrap it!

Overwintering Banana Tree