What is it about a man and his grill? Put a man behind his grill and he suddenly transforms into Bobby Flay!

This is our grill that will not die. I have been wanting a new grill with the infrared burner in the bottom so that I can sear and cook Pittsburgh Style steaks, but this grill will not die! And it is way to good to throw in the trash. I think that this is our eleventh season with it.

My favorite part of this grill is the rotisserie. We bought these baskets that fit right on the skewer and you can cook many different items in them. My favorite is the chicken. Margo marinates it in her special sauce with oil, vinegar, worchestershire, eggs, and a couple of Sussex County secret ingredients. The chicken is moist and the flavor goes all the way through.

Thermador Rotisserie

Look at these chicken breasts. Making your mouth water? Now that’s barbecued chicken, Sussex County style!

Here are some fish on the grill. Mahi Mahi (from Bayside Seafood) and Halibut! Everyone tried both and opinions differed. Me? I think that I liked the Mahi Mahi. This is my favorite way to cook fish. On a plank. These planks are maple, but I have other types. You can really get a feel for the smokey flavor!

Fish on the Grill

Rain in the forecast? No problem when you have the Sussex County Rain Shelter! (It also keeps the afternoon sun off of you!)

Sussex County Rain Shelter

This thing is meant to be mounted on a deck or something. But I put 75 pounds of steel in the bottom and added 4 wheels. Now it goes wherever you need it!

There is nothing like sitting outside with a glass of wine, cooking, and listening to the waterfall!