On our first fall trip to the Outer Banks we discovered a smell that we just had to recreate! If this smell was in our yard, we could close our eyes and be in the OBX!

The smell was actually from a flower of the Silverberry. (The real name is “Elaeagnus x ebbingei”). At first we were told that it was the Russian Olive. And I still think that some people there may call it that. But at any rate it was the most fragrant plant that I have ever smelled. And it smells so good that you just can’t seem to get enough. We could smell it just about everywhere that we went on the Outer Banks.

So when our vacation was over and we were heading home, I stopped at the first nursery that I saw. I asked the man about this bush that was so fragrant. He said that he did have them, but that they probably would not live in Delaware. My heart sunk. I was disappointed to say the least. I asked how much they were. He said $10. And I said “I’ll take 4”! So if they don’t live I am out forty bucks. I was more than willing to take the risk.

So as I was planting them I had mixed emotions. I was hoping that they would live, but there was a lot of doubt. To make a long story short, they are doing fantastic. They grow very fast, have tons of flowers, and I even started a new one from a few cuttings. Success!!!!!!

And the smell? Out of this world! I can close my eyes and I am transported to the OBX! I hate to trim them, because the more branches there are, the more flowers there will be. And the greater the smell will be. My lot is just over one and a third of an acre. These bushes are on a small area on one side of my lot. But you can smell them from just about anywhere on my property.

These would make a great privacy hedge. But for me, I am just in it for the smell! LOL

I guess that I am not the only one who likes them. The bees love them!