What is life without hobbies? Just a lot of work. And you know what they say about all work and no play!

So it’s not like I don’t have any hobbies. But sometimes they just grab you and pull you right in!

So I go down to my gun club to sight in my monster 12 gauge shotgun for the upcoming deer season. Now usually I have the club to myself during the week days. But this day there was a man sitting at the shooting bench with an odd looking gun. It had a paint job like a car, and it was on a very fine bench rest, and it had something HUGE on the end of the barrel. He also had the back of his vehicle open. It looked like a gunsmith shop. LOL

So not wanting to be rude, or interrupt his train of thought, I patiently waited for him to take a break. When he did I struck up a conversation with him. He is telling me about his gun and the world of bench rest shooting.  The next thing I know he says “here, you shoot it”. I said no, because he has already told me that he has about $5,000 worth of stuff on the bench. But he insists, and the next thing I know he has me in the chair, setting the gun up for a shot.

So I get her on the bulls eye, and gently squeezed the trigger. I look through the scope and the bulls eye is gone. Shot right off of the paper!!!!! Now that was a whole lot of fun! So he senses my excitement and lets me shoot some more. Next thing I say is “I have got to have one of these”!

So I do a lot of research, and this same man helps me through emails. I finally figure out what I want, and he has one that he will sell! So I ride to his house to take a look at it. He has a man cave that would be the envy of any man. He has a bench set up in there, and he opens a window, and starts shooting on his personal range! He tells me to take the gun home and try it. If I like it I can buy it. Now remember, this man has only met me ONE time! What a trusting man. Just like the old days!

So I shot the gun at the club by myself, and I loved it. Mailed him a check and I am now a bench rest shooter!

The gun is an Anschutz 1411 Match 54. It was built in 1973. It shoots .22 lr ammo. One shot at a time. Here are a couple of photos of her:

Anschutz 1411 Model 54


Anschutz 1411 Model 54


I can not believe the shape that she is in for her age!

Here is one of the first targets that I shot with her:


I was really impressed for this being my first time! Looks like I am in for a whole lot of fun!