Wintertime Blues


Now I like all of the seasons. But just as everyone else, I have some that I like better than others. I am thinking that winter is right at the bottom of the list of my personal favorites. But something that we usually don’t think about is the wildlife and plants. I am guessing that […] Read More

My Fish, Sorry Earl!

New Wood Duck Chicks


We have been living in this house for almost 12 years. I think that I put these Wood Duck Boxes up the second or third year. I got them from the State of Delaware Department of Natural Resources. Anyway, we have 4 total housing units and each year they are all used. Needless to say […] Read More

Sad day for Johnny, The Swan


They say that swans mate for life. So like people it is a sad day when a mate is lost. Today I found a lonely swan on the ice. He was just sitting there. Looking kind of lost. So I grabbed the Nikon and went down for a few shots. Well even in his lonely […] Read More

Guess I'll be on my way!

Wild Turkeys Out For a Morning Walk


You know what I like about living on the Eastern Shore and being out in the country? You just never know what you might see! Today I am working on the computer and I glance out the window and there it is. A parade of wild turkeys! They were just out for a morning walk. […] Read More