The Pond

Eagles on Chipmans Pond


My neighbor calls me, and I her, whenever something spectacular is happening on the pond. Well, she called me two days in a row and I am GLAD she did. We talked later and we both said that we have never seen this many eagles at one time since we have been here. I moved […] Read More

Surviving Fish From the Eggs


Of course I was excited to see baby fish after the eggs disappeared. And I saw at least 6 at one time. But since the pond project is complete I have only seen 3 at one time. That would actually be good, but I had my heart set on 6! But some could still be […] Read More

Baby Koi

Wintertime Blues


Now I like all of the seasons. But just as everyone else, I have some that I like better than others. I am thinking that winter is right at the bottom of the list of my personal favorites. But something that we usually don’t think about is the wildlife and plants. I am guessing that […] Read More

My Fish, Sorry Earl!

New Wood Duck Chicks


We have been living in this house for almost 12 years. I think that I put these Wood Duck Boxes up the second or third year. I got them from the State of Delaware Department of Natural Resources. Anyway, we have 4 total housing units and each year they are all used. Needless to say […] Read More

Sad day for Johnny, The Swan


They say that swans mate for life. So like people it is a sad day when a mate is lost. Today I found a lonely swan on the ice. He was just sitting there. Looking kind of lost. So I grabbed the Nikon and went down for a few shots. Well even in his lonely […] Read More

Guess I'll be on my way!

Great Fall Morning!


Fall is a great season. Crisp and cool. The leaves turning colors. The summer heat is but a memory. And it was certainly a hot one! I think that I am ready for some crisp and cool. One of the best things about this time of the year is the fact that you can turn […] Read More

Pond Friends


Our home backs up to Chipmans Pond which is about 52 acres. There is ALWAYS something to see. Seems that we categorize the visitors into groups. Residents and migrants. The Great Blue Herons are residents and very plentiful. But the Egrets are migratory and a little rare for us. But this morning I saw 3 […] Read More