Backyard Paradise

Enlarging the Fish Pond


We have had this fish pond for about 11 years. I met a fellow who breeds koi and he sold me some butterfly koi. They are absolutely beautiful. So I get the idea that I need to enlarge my pond to accommodate more fish! I find that he has a domain name, but no website….. […] Read More

Pool Floats Storage


We normally get a couple of SwimWays spring floats for under $20 and they last for a year or 2. We just leave them lying on the pool deck out of the way. We decided to get a couple of nice ones, since we really like floating around in the pool when it is just […] Read More

Still Loving the GrillGrates!


Yes, I am still loving the GrillGrates and the fantastic way they cook EVERYTHING! The other night we tried a potato recipe from the GrillGrate website. It is actually a Bobby Flay recipe changed up to work with GrillGrates. Bobby par boils his, but there is no need with the GrillGrates. We sliced some Yukon […] Read More

GrillGrates Chicken

The Extreme Grill Makeover With GrillGrates!


Bobby “Flay” Willoughby and his trusty Thermador BBQ grill have been around for many years. Over 15 as a team, if memory serves me correctly. Now you know I love this grill, but always thought that it could use some improvements. The grates were getting a little rough so I started looking around. Original equipment […] Read More

GrillGrate Makeover

Yes We Have No Bananas, or Do We?


The winter of 2011/2012 was very mild. Normally my banana trees fall over during the winter, and they start fresh. But this year when I was doing my spring cleanup, 2 of the trees were stiff and had a little green inside. These 2 particular trees were at the edge of the garden and they […] Read More

Wintertime Blues


Now I like all of the seasons. But just as everyone else, I have some that I like better than others. I am thinking that winter is right at the bottom of the list of my personal favorites. But something that we usually don’t think about is the wildlife and plants. I am guessing that […] Read More

My Fish, Sorry Earl!

Summer Walkaround Part 2: The Pool


I got so close on that last walkaround that I missed the pool! Now I was never a pool person. We always had boats. The problem with boats is that everything has to be a certain way to go out and on that day when everything was perfect, you usually had something else to do! […] Read More

One of Man’s Best Friends


What is it about a man and his grill? Put a man behind his grill and he suddenly transforms into Bobby Flay! This is our grill that will not die. I have been wanting a new grill with the infrared burner in the bottom so that I can sear and cook Pittsburgh Style steaks, but […] Read More

Summer Walk Around!


One of the nice things about living on the Eastern Shore is the changing of the seasons. And each season has bad points and good points. They also have their own distinct sights, smells, and temperatures. We have spent a lot of time turning our backyard into our own “paradise” as most people do. A […] Read More

Spring Walk Around!


No two snowflakes are alike. Of course that same statement could apply to people, properties, photos, and many other things. Now I like my property and it is as individual as I am. Just a little different than normal! LOL Anyway, I always love spring, especially this one (maybe because of that hard winter), and […] Read More